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Getting Started


At Mobile Bay ABA we strive to make our intake process as efficient and transparent as possible. If you are interested in ABA Therapy or believe you child may benefit from ABA Therapy please contact us or fill out our online application. The intake process varies depending on whether your insurance covers ABA Therapy or not. Please contact your insurance company or you HR representative to determine if your plan covers ABA Therapy.

ABA Therapy Covered by Insurance:

If ABA Therapy is covered under your insurance plan, please contact us or fill out our online application to schedule an initial intake appointment. During this appointment, you will get a chance to tour our center, discuss your concerns regarding your child, and provide any necessary documentation.

The following are required before we can initiate covered services:
  1. A diagnosis of Autism and documentation thereof, along with any other diagnosis. This includes, a physician referral (stating that client can benefit from “Applied Behavior Analysis” with documentation of ASD Diagnosis/Diagnosis Code).  

  2. Behavior and/or cognitive assessment(s) (if applicable). This includes, any documentation of screening and scaling results used in determining the diagnosis. In particular, please include copies of adaptive behavior scales. 

  3.  Medical records from prior clinicians (if applicable). This includes, any documentation of previous testing and treatments related to ASD diagnosis (Psychological or Neuropsychological Testing, Speech, Occupational, Physical or Psychiatric Therapy).

  4. Documentation of past ABA provider (if any).

  5. Documentation from your most recent pediatrician visit.

  6. Copy of IEP (if any).


If you’d like, Mobile Bay ABA Autism Center will gather the above records on your behalf. You must complete the HIPAA Authorization Form below and email it to or fax it to 251-650-1576 for Mobile Bay ABA to request and receive the necessary records on your behalf.

ABA Therapy Not Covered

If your insurance does not cover ABA Therapy, we do offer private pay options. If you are interested in private pay ABA Therapy for your child please contact us or fill out our online application to schedule an evaluation. During the evaluation our Director will meet with your family and then observe your child to assess their skill level. At the end of the evaluation we will recommend a service plan for your child.