Our Mission

Mobile Bay ABA CountiesOur Mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy using a whole child approach to individuals of all ages and developmental levels diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We believe every child deserves to reach their full potential, and will work with parents, schools and therapists to ensure the highest level and continuity of care. We are passionate about providing these services to all children no matter their ability and are committed to achieving the greatest degree of independence possible for every child.

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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) is a scientific, evidence­ based discipline that strives to understand and improve socially significant behaviors. ABA examines the interactions between people & their environment to determine the effects the environment has on a person’s behavior (the “why” a behavior occurs). Behavior Analysts systematically assess an individual’s behavior, develop objective goals and a reliable measurement system to monitor progress. At Mobile Bay ABA, ABA is used to teach new skills, improve performance across multiple areas, and decrease unwanted and challenging behaviors.

What do we focus on in ABA Therapy?

• Teach new skills, such as communicating wants and needs, social skills, play skills, self­help, and independent living skills.

• Generalize skills across environments (e.g., from ABA center to home, school and community).

• Replace unwanted behavior with socially appropriate behavior (e.g., hitting, self­injury, property destruction, tantrum).

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